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We create software
that we've been dreaming of

We are passionate about what we do not only because we love the process of building something amazing. Our first product is something we've been missing for years, so we decided to create it ourselves. That's why we can't wait to start using the next cool feature we are working on.

We strive for perfection

Even though we know nothing is perfect, we always try to make every detail flawless. And we're never completely satisfied with the result – there's always room for improvement. We believe this philosophy drives us towards creating awesome products.

What are we working on?

Right now we are busy building our first product – ArtVibe. It's an online platform that helps theatre lovers to stay closer to their favorite theatres and theatre creatives. If you live in Bulgaria and you are passionate about theatre – like we are – ArtVibe is just for you.

Introducing ArtVibe

ArtVibe is an online platform for theatre lovers, theatres and theatre creatives in Bulgaria.

Pictured: Production profile page for Hamlet, Ivan Vazov National Theatre. Poster, photos and synopsis courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre.

For theatre lovers

Stay up-to-date with
what's hot on the stage

ArtVibe is your one-stop source for theatre information. It brings to you productions, actors, creatives, theatres, independent production companies and performance venues – all in one place. Be among the first to know about upcomming premieres and never miss a production starring your favorite actor.

ArtVibe is optimized for any device – from desktop through laptop and tablet to smartphone – so it's always with you.

Check out what's on

Choose a performance to see this weekend or next month. The schedule of all the theatres in the town is here for you. Interested in only one theatre? Sure, you have that too.

Credits: Photos and posters courtesy of the Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre and the Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Discover new productions

Find the next production that you'll love. Browse all productions in the town or the repertoire of one theatre. Or check only the productions featuring your favorite actor.

Credit: Posters courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Filter productions
and performances

Use handy filters to refine productions and performances so you see only what you are really interested in.

Children's productions of two particular theatres? Productions played at the chamber hall of your favorite theatre? Performances for the next two weeks? Or maybe... OK, you get it – whatever you need, ArtVibe has got you covered.

Credits: Posters and photos courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, the Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre and the Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre

Search and get
immediate results

Looking for a specific theatre, production, actor or creative? Just enter the name in the search box and get results as you type.

Credits: Poster and photos courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre and the Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre

Get detailed
production information

Want to know more about a production? ArtVibe gives you all you could ask for – synopsis, cast and creative team, awards, photos and videos, duration and audience notes, venue and upcoming performances, media buzz and reviews, and more.

Credits: Poster, photos and synopses courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, the Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre and the Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre

View photos and videos

Watch trailers, browse photos and posters, share them on the social media.

Credits: Photo by Simon Varsano, courtesy of the Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre. Video thumbnails courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre.

And even more is yet to come

Mobile App

The ArtVibe website looks great on smartphone but we always strive for better. The free app for Android, iOS and Windows will ensure extremely slick user experience.

User Profiles

Make ArtVibe personal. Comment, like, mark as favorite, organize into lists, recommend to others. Follow theatres, actors, creatives and friends. Be part of a community of passionate theatre lovers.

Production Lists

Keep track of the productions you want to see, the productions you have seen and your favorite ones by adding them to dedicated lists. Create as many lists as you wish and share them with the community.


Get notified – on the website, on the mobile app or via email – about upcoming performances of a production you want to see, schedule publication, premieres and more.

At the moment ArtVibe is in public alpha phase. Visit the website and let us know what you think of it.

Go to artvibe.bg

For theatres & theatre creatives

Promote your work

Every single ArtVibe user is a theatre lover. What better place to present your work? Either a theatre, independent production company, performance venue or creative individual – let's create your profile page together. Beautiful, functional and content-rich. Accesible on any device.

Credits (from left): 1. Posters courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre 2. Actor photos courtesy of the Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre 3. Production photos by Kaloyan Bozhilov, courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Grow your audience

Everything on ArtVibe is highly discoverable. That gives you opportunities to expand your reach and attract new fans with no additional effort.

Build a community

Transform your passive audience into a community of dedicated members that discuss and share with each other your work. Engage them beyond the auditorium by providing additional information, interesting news and insights, rehearsal and behind-the-scenes materials. Attract their attention and keep them coming back for more.

Credit: Snapshot of video by Ivan Donchev, courtesy of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Let's get started

Contact us right now to discuss how to get you on ArtVibe quickly and easily.

Get in touch

You're a theatre/venue representative or a theatre creative interested in partnership with us? Or you're a theatre lover that has a suggestion or just want to say how awesome our product is? Or maybe you have a question about the company or anything else? Don't be shy, reach us in the most convenient for you way.